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Let Native Productions book publishing & design services assist you in getting a book published. Through consultation services, they will guide you through a process to turn your work into a masterpiece. Getting a book published can be difficult, however let Native Productions do it for you!



If you have already finished a manuscript and have your covers, but do not understand how to get your book published, we can offer services that take you through the entire book publishing process.  We will consult with you to complete your book, such as selecting and formatting your book for industry standard size, retrieving  ISBN numbers, title registration, distribution channels, royalty payments, and control of your own inventory. Once book is complete, it will be fully distributed to the retail market and you will own all royalties from sales, less the printing cost (varies) of each purchased book. Native Productions does not receive any royalty for your book. How’s this for cheap book publishing…The price for getting a book published is $600.00  per standard trade book up to 150 pages (does not include consultations). Prices increase after 150 pages. Price does not include consultations or design fees, if needed.  Native Productions is not liable for any errors in final publication of book.


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