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Are you an independent recording artist in need of direction for your musical career?

  • Are you frustrated with how to get your music started or released?
  • Are you having problems getting your music recorded, mixed, or mastered?
  • Did you just receive a producer’s contract, or a manager’s contract and you don’t understand the jargon?
  • Are you not sure where to place symbols on your CD or cover? Do you get confused with registering the proper copyrights, PROs, or music industry sites to push your music and collect royalties?
  • Do you need help putting together your artist promotional package to send to radio stations and venues?
  • Do you need marketing and advertising to help promote your CD release or entertainment event? Then let Native Productions deliver professional services to meet your needs.


Affordable Terms

We do not charge industry rates to represent our clients. We want their dreams to come true and not have finances to be a stumbling block. Our services are affordable, and our consult plans are very detailed.

Artist Administration

Our focus is to transform singers into knowledgeable recording artists who can understand the business aspect of the music industry, to become strong, independent artists who can stand on their own merit. Our artists receive the same services and information utilized by major record labels, including branding, music registrations, copyrights, PRO registrations, etc. and using data & analytics to increase their market.

Artist Development

We work with singers who want to create projects, professionally release their albums, and tour locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. We have sent our artists all over Hampton Roads, Richmond, up the East Coast, including New Jersey and Washington, DC, down to Atlanta, on a Stellar Award-nominated showcase in Las Vegas, and even across seas to London, England. Our artists have been exposed not only on LIVE performance platforms and venues, but also on radio and television to promote their work. With Artist Development, we service our clients on stage presence, public speaking, performance, and insuring consistency in using their brand.


What qualifies NP Artist Management?

Tanya Liverman, CEO of Native Productions, is a multi-talented professional with resources to help indie artists succeed. In addition, her guidance in business decisions encourage her clients in best practices to further her client’s careers.

Tanya is a graduate alumna of ECMA, Excellence in Christian Music Academy, (now EMA) a premier platform that recognizes the accomplishments of Independent Music Artists throughout the United States. Founded and administrated by Mr. Henry Harris, president and CEO of Spirit Enterprises and former president of ten years on the executive board of SAGMA (Stellar Awards Gospel Music Academy), ECMA is a new era in the training, education, and development of Christian/Gospel music artists. Tanya became a partner with Strategic Music Partnership and co-hosted with Mr. Harris for ECMA since 2017. She coaches participants in Artist Management & Development and Marketing. For more information about EMA or to register for the next session, please visit their web site:

We accept artists of ALL genres for consultations. Book a non-contractual consultation with Native Productions on an as-needed basis, with a small fee per consult. Let a professional consultant take you to the next level, leaving you with a sound, well-informed mind, and steps closer to reaching your dreams.