Native Productions can build custom web sites from template, Word Press and HTML coding. With affordable prices, you can stop dreaming about having a web site and be able to purchase your custom look that best fits you!

When you don’t know coding or how to maneuver through a web-building site, then Native Productions can build it for you, just supply all the content. At only $400 for up to 5 pages, not including all components, consults, or designs, our clients can have new custom web sites within a week! Additional pages are $75 each to build as well as any install component fees, such as a store front or PayPal integration.  You may also have Native Productions maintain your web site for $50/month for unlimited basic updates. If you need assistance with social media integration, we can do that too!

Call for a quote if you need additional services, widgets, plugins, e-commerce integrations or coding to your site.

Additional Pricing:

$50/hr – Consult:  includes face-to-face, phone, or any email conversations pertaining to site design or changes, and billing for initial consult to set up account. (per occurrence)

$50/hr – On-line training to train Client how to make changes and update their web site, walking through domain/hosting purchase, helping with any integration, (min 1 hr, then billed in 15 min. increments)

$50/hr – One-Time Maintenance Fee  (min 1 hr, then billed in 15 min. increments)- Includes site changes/maintenance after launch – in addition to component installations and prices, based on the workload and this would be an extensive change which would require hourly billing.

$50 Monthly Maintenance Fee (with 1-year contract) includes unlimited changes each month.

$200 – Site Renovation – You have a web site but you need a new design. With existing content, we can change your layout and site design to give you a brand new look!

Install Component prices will still be billed separately. Components may include a store, PayPal integration, additional HTML coding, installation of widgets, blogs, or other applications. Payment is due upfront, no exceptions. Call for a quote!